Max Di Capua
Staff Product Designer at Uber.
I enable designers and product teams to solve the right problems. I emphasize collaborating across disciplines - such as product, research, and engineering - to discover and prioritize new opportunities and solutions.
I enjoy taking simple ideas and instincts through rigorous experimentation to create products that thrive in the hands of real people. Then obsessively researching and iterating on those products to drive improvements and business value.
Figma Plugin
Figma Plugin to create presentations in Figma with a single click.
Figma Plugin
Figma Plugin to resize any frame or combination of frames, and their contents to any defined size.
Collaborating with my good friend Parteek to create a brand identity for a new VC firm.
Product Design
Postmates Seller Tablet
Design Lead for the tablet app sellers use to accept orders and manage their stores on Postmates.
Product Design
Postmates Seller Dashboard
Design lead for the dashboard sellers use to manage their business on Postmates. From updating public profiles, to running promotions, to in-depth reporting.