Show + Tell
Create presentations in Figma with a single click.
Great for marketing pages and feeds, large frames are automatically set to scroll vertically.
Any frame wider than the available presentation area will scale down to fit.
Always up-to-date
Frames and components stay linked to libraries. Tweak something after sending? It’ll still be up to date.
Prototype + Present
No need to flatten your prototypes to a video or swap apps mid-presentation.
Share via Link
Using Figma’s built in share feature allows you to send presentations as a simple link, which means that typo can be fixed, even after sending.
Why does this exist?
The Seller Design team at Postmates recently made the switch from Keynote to Figma for all our presentations.
Creating presentations in the same place we’re designing has sped up our sharing process considerably, while also allowing for higher fidelity.
Thanks to Figma’s API a plugin to do all of this in a single click was the next step.
Show + Tell